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Baby Bath Seat Floating Water Pad

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Bring ease to bathing your child
Ensure your little one is safe and comfortable with the Nygex bathtub seat. It is specially designed to hold the baby firmly, reducing the risk of slips and falls. The seat is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for busy parents. Enjoy a hassle-free bath time with your little one!


Our seat has enough room for your baby to move their hands and legs freely. It is made from soft fabric that won't harm their delicate skin.


Due to its quality material, the Nygex bathtub seat reduces the risk of bacterial growth. Hang it up after use, and it will dry in no time.


This bathtub seat doesn’t take up too much space and can be easily transported.

Ergonomic design

Our seat is designed to keep your baby comfy during bath time. It supports their back and helps them sit upright, preventing strain on their body.

Non-slip surface

The Nygex bathtub seat ensures your child doesn’t slide down. It creates a safe environment for your baby and gives you peace of mind.

Three straps

They will keep the seat in your bathtub in place during bath time.

12 reviews for Baby Bath Seat Floating Water Pad

  1. K***a

    This water pad is excellent! I am so relieved not to have to struggle to keep my baby in the right position during baths. This pad floats perfectly and keeps my baby safe. It is an excellent quality product!

  2. F***a

    Using this water pad made bath time a breeze. My baby finds it comfortable and loves wiggling around on it. Plus, it’s super quick to dry. Highly recommended.

  3. I***k

    I’m really impressed with this baby bath seat. It keeps my little one secure and comfortable during bath time. It’s also super easy to clean and dries fast. A worthwhile purchase!

  4. V***a

    Bath time is way less stressful now with the bath seat. I love that it floats and keeps my baby happily engaged. It’s very gentle on the baby’s skin and easy to clean as well.

  5. L****y

    Used this water seat for the first time yesterday and it was a game changer. Bath time was much easier and less messy. I was amazed at how fast it dried. Best parenting product ever!

  6. P*****a

    This is a very nice product. I think it could use some kind of restraint for hyperactive babies. But it’s great for bath time. I would recommend it to other parents.

  7. H****y

    As a new mom, bath time was so stressful until I found this water seat. I can’t point out enough how easy it has made bath time. It keeps my baby calm and happy throughout the bath and is super easy to store. I highly recommend it!

  8. S***y

    This is a must-have product for all newborns. It is very convenient for my 3-month-old. He really enjoys the softness of it and even cries without it because he thinks he’s falling.

  9. D****a

    I thought it was ridiculous to put a newborn directly on a hard plastic seat in the bath, so I got this little pad. It’s very cute and my baby is comfortable in it. Also, it really does dry quickly!

  10. N***y

    This bath seat was excellent for my baby until he had grown out of it. I wish there were bigger sizes!! But I am still very happy with how it performed. I wish I had this seat with my first child.

  11. K***n

    This seat is practical and works well. It made bath time much easier. But I found it difficult to clean afterwards. I have to throw it I the washer after every bath. But luckily it dries quickly, keeping mold and mildew away

  12. L****a

    This seat fits perfectly in the bath tub for my baby! It’s easy to secure. Very comfortable and less stressful for a newborn. Great quality. We love it!!

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