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Crystal Salt Stone Air Humidifier Oil Diffuser

(8 customer reviews)

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Improve air quality and enhance your mood
Experience the amazing benefits of the Nygex salt humidifier. It will help you make your living or working environment healthier and cosier. Our device can serve as an oil diffuser, spreading your favourite essential oils throughout your space.

Well-being boost

Our humidifier helps enhance air quality, preventing the risk of allergies and respiratory problems.

Aesthetic design

Its unique look will bring a touch of creativity to your home decor. The warm illumination will create a soothing environment, ideal for relaxation and meditation.

Stress relief

The Nygex aroma diffuser will fill your room with calming scents. This will contribute to a good night's rest.

Light options

Switch between seven different colours to suit your mood or decor. With our humidifier, you can easily change the ambience.

Simple control

You can turn the device on or off and modify settings with only one button.

Quiet operation

Powerful yet silent, the Nygex salt humidifier won't interrupt your daily activities. You will hardly notice it is on whether you are working, reading, or sleeping.

8 reviews for Crystal Salt Stone Air Humidifier Oil Diffuser

  1. H****r

    The humidification rate on this device is impressive. It effectively removes the dryness in a large room in a few hours and the mist doesn’t leave any residue on furniture. The design is lovely. I recommend it!

  2. C****e

    I couldn’t be more delighted with my diffuser with Himalayan salt! It’s compact, quiet and able to run for long periods of time. Its warm dimming light and the scent it emits are perfect for unwinding after a long day.

  3. N****c

    This diffuser is easy to refill. I love how it gives a consistent performance, providing ample humidity and scent distribution. It is very nice looking and the mist has a nice stream.

  4. M***a

    This is an amazing product! Sinus issues have always troubled me. Since using this humidifier, the problem has significantly reduced. Plus, the warming glow is just charming.

  5. S***e

    This salt rocks humidifier looks great! The air feels fresher and it also creates a spa-like atmosphere. Definitely worth purchasing!

  6. B***y

    The device works flawlessly adding much-needed moisture. The oil diffuser is a nice touch. The glowing light, however, can’t be dimmed which is somewhat bothersome at night. Other than that, it’s perfect.

  7. W****e

    Simple to clean. I really like the combination of the diffuser and salt rock light. The control button is subtle and easy to use. I would highly recommend it

  8. L***a

    Very elegant appearance! Works great. It is easy to use and I love how it combines the benefits of aromatherapy, salt rocks and humidification. It leaves a little residue but that’s okay.

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