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Electric Period Heating Pad for Menstrual Cramps

(12 customer reviews)

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Ease your way through menstruation
The Nygex heating pad is your secret weapon against painful periods. The ergonomic design ensures comfort, allowing you to wear it for a long time. Experience the soothing relief this menstrual pad offers and go about your day without worry.

Dual effect

Our period pad provides the power of heat and vibration. This unique combo helps alleviate pain by promoting blood circulation and reducing inflammation. It's especially ideal for those dealing with severe cramps.

Multiple modes

The Nygex menstrual pad comes with seven different settings. You can choose from four vibration modes and three temperature modes. This allows you to adjust the treatment according to your comfort levels.

Ergonomic materials

Our pad is breathable and lightweight. It won't cause sweat build-up or weigh you down, so you hardly feel its presence.


This device has an easy-to-read screen, making the operation simple and straightforward. You don't need to guess what mode you have selected.

Elastic belt

The Nygex menstrual pad is adjustable and securely wraps around your waist. It provides a perfect fit for every body shape.

Portable design

Our heating pad is compact and easy to carry. Whether at work or while travelling, it offers relief from discomfort wherever you are. No need to wait until you get home!
More reasons to love our product


Easy To Use

USB Charging

Long Battery Life

Charging voltage:
Rated power:
Battery capacity:
1800 mAh
Charging time:
3 hours
Usage time:
2 hours
Temperature range:
122-149°F (50-65°C)
10.58 oz (300 g)

12 reviews for Electric Period Heating Pad for Menstrual Cramps

  1. V****a

    This is the best investment I’ve made! It does precisely what it promises. It is very beneficial in relieving discomfort during period days. Now I can continue with my daily chores without suffering.

  2. S****n

    Gave this heating pad a try, and it’s just perfect. My cramps have been almost non-existent since I started using this. It’s a big relief, and I’m grateful for such a product.

  3. P***e

    This pad has been my saving grace during my monthly cycle. It’s portable and provides quick relief from cramps. It’s easy to use and has made my periods a lot easier to handle! Thanks!

  4. A***l

    This has been my best buddy when I am dealing with period pain. It provides me with the relief I need. The design is sleek and I can bring it everywhere with me.

  5. T***a

    Wonderful purchase. I love that it heats quickly and maintains a consistent temperature. It provides me with long-lasting relief and I couldn’t be happier with it!!

  6. J****e

    Though the heat level can be a bit too warm occasionally, this pad is incredibly relieving for menstrual cramps. It also works great for lower back pain.

  7. S***h

    This device is amazing!! The heat is very nice but definitely use it over your clothes! The settings are better than I expected. Recommended!

  8. K**a

    This product is great. The backside of it is cushioned and comfy. The strap is stretchy and adjustable. It’s rechargeable which is super convenient. I will recommend it to all women!

  9. H****y

    This is a really great heating pad. It heats up super quickly and it’s easy to wear and use. Now I can do whatever I feel like doing with comfort.

  10. M***a

    I love this period heating pad!! It’s easy to handle and brings instant relief from cramps. It’s easy to hide under your shirt so you can wear it anywhere. It made my life so much easier!

  11. L***e

    This heating pad is a convenience during my period. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement. I also love how it gives a warm and not burning sensation, perfect during painful days. Worth the money.

  12. N****e

    This pad is my new lifesaver for my period days! It’s comfortable like no other. Portable, easy to use, and the relief it provides from cramps is just amazing!

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