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Digital Baby Ear Forehead Thermometer

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Make taking your baby’s temperature quick and easy with this digital  thermometer!

This innovative thermometer uses electronic heat sensors to record body temperature. It can be used on the forehead, or inside your baby’s ear canal. The operation is simple and hygienic, and the measurement is fast and accurate. The user only needs to align the probe head and press an operation button for 0.5 second. Then a digital display shows you the temperature reading. That’s why this product can help you to avoid difficulties of taking temperature from cranky baby. Plus, it supports non-contact measurement. That can greatly improves your safety.

The forehead & ear thermometer is made from high-quality plastic and silicone material that is completely safe for child’s use up to 5 years old. Plus, it has audio and visual fever warning with 4 colours backlight. Temperature unit can be displayed in either Celsius and Fahrenheit. Moreover, this device makes beeping sound when the measurement is captured. But it’s not a problem if you don’t want to scary your child and do this operation quietly. You just have to press 3 seconds to switch mute and non-mute mode.

The main feature of this product is its multi-functional. Besides children, you can also use this product for adults, room, milk, water and other objects. Plus, this thermometer has auto shut-down and power-saving. If there is no operation for 15s, then the measurer is automatically turned off. Moreover, this device has its own store data. It’s able to save the last 40 sets of measured value memory function. So, you can read sets at any time to track your baby’s temperature changes. This device is easy operational. Its measurement is reliable and stable. Just buy and enjoy!


✔️ TAKES TEMPERATURE QUICKLY & ACCURATE — Provides 1s measurement, adopting the optical principle. Its accuracy is controlled at ± 0.2 ℃.

✔️ REPORTS YOU ABOUT FEVER — It has a built-in fever alert alarm. If the temperature of your baby is too high, this device will alert you with a sound.

✔️ MEMORISES LAST MEASURED VALUES  — Featuring store data, it can remember last 40 sets of measured values.

✔️ DOESN’T ALLOW YOU TO GET INFECTED — Its special design helps you to take temperature with 3cm-7cm distance from forehead. So, it’s completely contact-free. This helps to avoid cross infection and offer you more protection. That’s why this device is also convenient for screening patients with fever symptoms to reduce infection and epidemic situation spread.


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